1. Who is in charge of data protection and to whom can you turn to?


Responsible for data protection:

Peter Huemer

Stefan Stassen

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 23

Tel: +43 732 77 43 66 0

Fax: + 43 732 77 43 66 4

E-mail: office(at)


This privacy policy serves solely the fulfilment of our obligation of information of data protection regulations. As far as hereinafter, reference should be made that we undertake data processings with your consent. This presumes, obviously, that you have us effectively accorded this consent. With no consent received, no data processings in relation to your person will be effected.


Area of application

This privacy policy is valid for the following offer:

For supplying our business- and privat customers with the following products: plant aid.


2. Which data will be processed and from which source are they originating?


We are a commercial untertaking and we are processing each personal data, which we obtain from you in a business relationship.

This includes: name, address, contact information.

Beyond that:

Job data (orders, payment orders)

Pieces of information about financial state (credit rating)

Promotion- and distribution data

Registration data

Image- and audio data

Pieces of information from electronical traffic e.g. banks, credit agency

Data for requirements for statutory and regulatory purposes e.g.

Central Statistical Office, Association for the Protection of Creditors


3. For which purpose and of which legal basis will the data be processed?


For accomplishment of contractual requirements art. 6 General Data Protection (GDPR).


3.1 The processing is necessary to have the ability to undertake trading operations (purchasing, selling, rentals). For this purpose the processing of personal data is necessary.


3.2 For our digital services:,

That involves address and control data including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and also occupational data from the branch you are active in. E.g. name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, function, working place and economic chamber.

Furthermore the processing of personal data for promotion purposes can happen when the concerned persons have given their consent. A given consent can be revoked at any time with future effect.


3.3 Sending e-mails and newsletter services


We are sending this to registered users resp. to persons, who subscribed to such a newsletter. We are sending it upon request, within the scope of our customer relationship, to inform you about our own product range or similar products. We are sending e-mails and newsletters about our own or similar products based on our authorised interest to advertise. You can dissent the delivery at any time. A link to dissent is enclosed in each e-mail, that we automatically send.


4. Transit recipient


4.1 Forwarding to data processing company

We are forwarding data to data processing companies, when we have concluded an agreement, which meets the legal requirements for contracts for procurement.


4.2 Forwarding to external persons responsible


For autonomous processing to third parties, based on our authorised interest to advertise, only customer data and interested parties data, insofar as according to § 151 GWO (trade regulations), will be forwarded. Customer data and interested parties data, which are not included in § 151 GWO, especially telephone number and e-mail-address, will be solely forwarded with the consent of the concerned person.


5. Storage period


We delete personal data gained from public sources or from concerned persons without contractual relationship (person died or recall) after 5 years. We delete data gained from contractual relationship at latest 7 years after expiration of the contract.


6. Data subject rights


Which rights do you have:


Right to information:

We furnish particulars on demand free of charge about the extent, the origin and the addressee/s of the saved data and also the purpose of the storage.

Right to correction:

Should be, despite all our efforts to data integrity and actuality any false information saved, we will correct this on your request.



You have the right to deletion under particular conditions, like in context with a discrepancy or when the data were unlawfully acquired.



You may, with the reason which a title of deletion justifies, request also a restriction of data processing. Then should the saved data remain saved (e.g. for the purpose of conservation of evidence), but they may no longer be used in some other way.



You may lodge an objection against data processing, which we undertake in our authorised interest. As far as it is about data processing for direct promotion, is this objection right absolutely effective. Submitted consents can be recalled any time written and free.


Right of complaint:

You have the right to complain at a controlling authority.


Data transferability:

Should we forward the data, received from you, another person in charge, we will provide this in a electronic transferable form.