4Plants Product Group

The 4Plants Product Group


After more than 4 years of development time we succeeded to get the patent for the new fertilizer technology, registered in year 2013!


This technology comes into use also in the 4Plants product-group. Particularly where functionally useful as well as technically possible is.


Based on the patent we are producing various micronutrient fertilizers and micronutrient mix-fertilizers. These are adjusted to the normal nutrient removal of the respective culture.


Since it comes regionally to various nutrient removals of the cultures, we are providing also own- and special mixtures, besides these basis products, individually for each customer.


We can also provide for the regional agricultural trade our patent solution as an „own brand“. In this way agricultural dealers gain an own product identity and can promtly react of the altering demands of their clients.


We can provide these products also for the biological agriculture.